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FAQ - Blessings In Disguise


Statement of Activities

The mission of Blessings in Disguise is to provide short term financial assistance in the areas of health, education, and general welfare to individuals when government assistance is not available or the individual does not qualify for such assistance based upon the need.

We will achieve our results by working within the community and outside the community on fundraising efforts that will be broken into 2 primary fundraising activities:

  1. Donations made directly to Blessings in Disguise website from Individuals or companies to begin 3rd quarter 2014

  2. Adopt A Family or Individual Program to begin 3rd quarter 2014

In order to gain donations, the Board of Directors will use social media such as Facebook to get the word out regarding Blessings in Disguise and direct people to the www.BlessingsID.org website.

From there single donations to the organization can be made or Donations for our Adopt a Family or Individual Program can be explained and then allow opportunities to be earmarked for donations.

Collectively, our goal is to raise $5,000 in single donor online donations in 2014, and another $2500 in 2014 for our Adopt a Family Program ($250 donation per) all through word of mouth and our social networks on Facebook.

In 2015 and 2016, our goal is to increase online donations 15% in 2015 ($5,750) and 20% ($6900) in 2016 as word of mouth spreads about our organization. In addition, we hope to increase the ADOPT A FAMILY PROGRAM from 10 donations @ $250 in 2014 ($2500) to 20 donations @ $250 in 2015 ($ 5000), and 30 donations @ $250 in 2016 ($7500).

How will money be used?

Like the mission stated, the monies raised will be used to provide financial assistance in the form of a gift relating to health needs, educational needs, and welfare needs to those who cannot get the monies from other organizations or government body.

These monies can be used for medical needs such as surgery or prescriptions, educational needs such as tuition for school, computers to aid learning, and welfare needs such as food, clothing, shelter and other basic welfare needs.

How are opportunities/requests provided to organization?

Requests for assistance can be made through an application form, online submission form on our website, through a phone call, media outlets, or written to our office address.

The formal application will be available on our website to print, interactive submission, or one can be obtained by writing to our organization.

What is the verification process?

Outside of the Private Party Donation earmarked for a specific individual by another individual or company, we will use a discretionary verification process to see if the need is warranted up to and including employment verification, social agency communication, or professional opinions from 3rd parties such as school administrators, other nonprofits, or news agencies.

How will decisions be made on who to help?

Once you fill out our contact form, we will evaluate your need based on our guidelines. If you meet our guidelines, we will send you our formal application for completion. By completing the application, it does not guarantee our help. We will review your application and determine what monetary amount, if any, we will grant you.

If you meet our qualification guidelines and would like to apply for assistance please fill out the information below.

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