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Get Help - Blessing In Disguise

Get Help

Blessing In Disguise Helping hand

As much as we would love to help everyone, our donations determine what we can do in the form of helping you.

Your need must be based on a Health, Welfare, or Educational need and will be reviewed by our committee normally within a week.

We assess each need based on severity and impact especially when we have several requests for financial aid and not enough monetary resources.


General Financial Request

We help those individuals that are in a short term financial crisis. You must either be on unemployment compensation, short term disability, or workers compensation. You must also be able to verify you are on one of those programs.

You cannot be on any other type of government assistance. In addition, as an individual, you must have made more than $24,500 as an individual and or more than $44,500 as a couple.

We make payments directly to the companies you owe, so no checks will be written directly to you. We will only pay for housing, car payments, utilities, and food (if required). WE WILL NOT PAY FOR CABLE TV, THE INTERNET, OR CELL PHONE SERVICE. 


How it Works

Fill out our contact form and submit. Once we review your contact form, we will contact you for additional info if required.

If we make a preliminary decision to review your case in detail, we will send you our formal application. Once we receive your formal application, we review with the board your case, and make a decision.


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How Can We Help?


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